SHEN uses Qi to holistically forward your Hero's journey of healing to resolution and re-empowerment

Hands-on Help
for Healing Emotions, Pain and Trauma

SHEN Therapy uses Qi to relax tension, relieve pain 
and holistically forward a Hero's journey
 to recovery and re-empowerment.

About Ayleyaell Kinder, CST

Ayleyaell's name is pronounced "A-Lee-elle" with a long A.  A certified SHEN Therapist, Rubenfeld Synergist, and Flower Essence practitioner, Ayleyaell has studied how emotions affect the body, and specializes in teaching her clients how to transmute fears, trauma and wounds into wisdom, peace, compassion and well-being.

Ayleyaell is the daughter of a psychologist, Sol Froshnider, and a registered nurse, Betty Esthelle, who became a psychotherapist, had a near death experience, orchestrated  a spontaneous remission of colon cancer, and then developed the healing modality Body Enlightenment.

From childhood on, Ayleyaell has met, been mentored by and studied with many skilled, knowledgeable teachers in a wide range of traditions, cultures and healing modalities. She is a graduate of Ilana Rubenfeld's first training in Rubenfeld Synergy (then called Gestalt Synergy).  Ayleyaell studied and taught at Arica Institute, received instruction in Tai Chi Ch'uan from Fred Lehrman, and other senior students of Professor Cheng Man Ching, studied Flower Essences with Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski, the founders of the Flower Essence Society, journeyed and studied Shamanism with Michael Harner, Rebirthed and breathed with Leonard Orr at Walden and Campbell Hot Springs.  She also assisted in Loving Relationships workshops, breathed, rebirthed and prayed the ho'oponopono with Sondra Ray.

Ayleyaell met her Taoist teacher, Master Share K. Lew, in the summer of 1980.  Master Lew?s monastery style, the Tao Ahn Pai (Taoist Elixir Style), dates back over 1,300 years to Lui Dong Bin, one of the Eight Immortals of Taoism. Ayleyaell traveled twice to China with Sifu Lew and his family and was honored to first learn the Taoist Shen exercises at the Luo Fo mountains in Guandong Province, where Sifu's monastery, Wong Lung Kwan, once stood. She has been fortunate to continue her studies of Tao and Taoist Healing with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha and his students.

Ayleyaell was initiated by Dan Lingel into the Ananda Rei Reiki lineage. She trained and was ordained in the mystery school of the Temple Beautiful. She serves as an alumni member of The Masters Foundation of the New Times.

Ayleyaell served on the Board of Trustees of the International SHEN Therapy Association (ISTA) She has done advanced training with Dr. Eric Pearl and offers The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing.

For Ayleyaell, SHEN Therapy has provided a means to powerful transformation as well as profound positive physical and emotional changes and spiritual insight, both in her clients and in herself.  She has used SHEN Therapy to help her clients recover from traumas such as surgery, car accidents, emotional abuse, ritual abuse, and incest.  She highly recommends SHEN to help with any emotionally impacted physical condition or circumstance.

Ayleyaell welcomes inquiries about SHEN Therapy and SHEN workshops, or providing SHEN Therapy as an adjunct to those engaged in other practices (very powerful)!  She is happy to answer questions to see if SHEN is right for you at this time.