SHEN uses natural Qi holistically relax tension, relieve pain, & forward your journey towards insight, resolution and re-empowerment
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 Healing for Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Pain 

SHEN Therapy uses Qi to relax tension, relieve pain 
and holistically forward a Hero's journey
 to recovery and re-empowerment.

Fees and Descriptions

Cancellation Policy: 

If  you need to reschedule or cancel your session, please notify me as soon as possible by phone or text (503-912-9330).

Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice or no-shows are subject to a one hour session fee.

I offer three kinds of SHEN Therapy experiences:
1. Individual Therapeutic SHEN
2. Relaxation/Rejuvenation SHEN
3. Personal Intensives and Mini-Intensive SHEN 
2. Relaxation/Rejuvenation SHEN
3. Personal Intensives and Mini-Intensive SHEN 
1. Individual Therapeutic SHEN sessions 
1. Individual Therapeutic SHEN sessions 

Please Note: 

Your first session includes a pre-session phone interview and a pre-session review of your paperwork. During your first in-person appointment, we will clarify your history and your goals. You will receive an orientation to SHEN therapy and your first table session. First in-person appointments are 90 minutes, occasionally longer.

Subsequent SHEN Therapy sessions may be scheduled for 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 2 hours. 

 One hour
 90 minutes
 2 hours +

Additional fees may apply if I am traveling to you.  


Also know as the "Hero's Journey," therapeutic SHEN sessions reach deeper than rejuvenation SHEN.  Each session of therapeutic SHEN is personalized to your needs. Therapeutic SHEN  sessions focus on specific goals such as relieving anxiety or chronic pain, help with grieving, surgery preparation, post surgery recovery, removing blocks to creativity, etc.  

The effects of therapeutic SHEN sessions are cumulative. Several SHEN sessions may be needed to reach and release deeply buried material. For some, 1 to 3 sessions will transform the issue, for most, 5 to 10 sessions are generally effective. Those with a long history of severe trauma or abuse will usually find that more sessions are called for.   

How often you come for an individual SHEN session will vary, depending on your background, your needs and your goals. 

If you are working with an intense challenge, I recommend you have 2 or 3 sessions a day apart, with more if needed. Clients from out of town should consider be a personal intensive (see below).

I have also given single sessions to individuals with amazing results. I've SHENned "ordinary" folk, well-known experts in the health and wellness field and famous spiritual teachers who have had pivotal, transcendent, transformative experiences in their first session. 

2. SHEN Personal Intensives

Full Intensive: A personalized, individual series of at least 8 hours of therapeutic SHEN therapy within a short period of time such as a week or a 3 day weekend. 

A SHEN Intensive provides great benefit when you are working with something specific, intense or acute.  A SHEN intensive is also an excellent option for those who live too far to commute to my local office for a weekly series of SHEN sessions.  

I recommend that the day following your intensive, you stay in the area and relax and integrate your experience, perhaps journal or meditate. Do some gentle pleasurable activities, such as walk in nature, etc, before returning to your usual schedule. 

Fee  for a Personal Intensive:  $1000 to 1200, which includes 8 to 10 hours of SHEN Therapy, any SOQi, FIR dome, Chi machine and E-power treatments and all Tao Healing Hands sessions during the intensive.

If you choose to receive The Reconnection with your SHEN Intensive, I offer $150 off your SHEN Intensive, a total of $1033 for both.The Reconnection given by itself (universal fixed fee) is $333. Reconnection Healing sessions are $150. Three (3) are recommended, and I offer a package of 3 sessions for $400; a savings of $50 to you.  Reconnection information

Add a FIR treatment:  Regular rate: $30 per half hour  SOQi information

Add a Chi machine treatment:  $10 Chi Machine Information

Add an E-Power treatment:   $1 minute/ $30 half hour E-Power info

3. Relaxation/Rejuvenation SHEN 

Fee:  $75 for 45 min session; $100 for 60 min  $125 or more if I travel to you.

These sessions focuses on relaxing and de-stressing you, and are about 45 minutes of table time.  They are deliciously restorative, and relieve ordinary fatigue and jet-lag. I may include flows that promote grounding and centering. 

Relaxation/Rejuvenation SHEN sessions have been known to transport you to a heavenly calm and experience of well being that's been described as “blissful.” 


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