SHEN uses natural Qi holistically relax tension, relieve pain, & forward your journey towards insight, resolution and re-empowerment
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Hands-on Help
for Healing Emotions, Pain and Trauma

SHEN Therapy uses Qi to relax tension, relieve pain 
and holistically forward a Hero's journey
 to recovery and re-empowerment.

The SHEN Touch

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DVD Available

A DVD was made of Ayleyaell's two hour talk to 100+ members of Chicago IANDS (International Association for Near Death studies ) group on February 13, 2010. The talk covers SHEN, is part autobiography, and a lot of Q & A.

To order:
your DVD            $10 US
shipping            $ 5.97 US

For international rates and shipping please e-mail Ed Kelly with inquiry:
[email protected]

In the US, send a check made out to Chicago IANDS, with your mailing info, the name Ayleyaell Kinder DVD and date of talk (Feb 2010)

TO -

Ed Kelly
2131 Sherman Ave,
Evanston, IL 60201