SHEN uses natural Qi holistically relax tension, relieve pain, & forward your journey towards insight, resolution and re-empowerment
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 Healing for Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Pain 

SHEN Therapy uses Qi to relax tension, relieve pain 
and holistically forward a Hero's journey
 to recovery and re-empowerment.

After Receiving SHEN...

The proof of SHEN's effectiveness happens after the table, in the wide world. One notices that former feelings and patterns of behaviors are different. Pain that was a constant background may just vanish. Situations and people that used to "hook" you-- don't. Old ways of reacting are gone, replaced with new options. One's life "just changes."

People who have received SHEN Therapy report that SHEN either ended or helped greatly with their chronic pain, anxiety, repressed grief, bottomless grief, panic attacks, migraines, blocked sexual feelings, depression, spiritual emergence, kundalini crisis, eating disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual or premenstrual distress, and nightmares.

Others report greatly accelerated recovery from injuries or surgery and from sexual, physical or emotional abuse.

Almost all who have received SHEN reported that their lives and relationships noticeably improved, often in surprising ways:
"It felt if I had rediscovered an essential part of my being."  
-- J. A, writer

"My body and emotions were in constant pain the last 2 years from injuries in a car accident. Life was getting harder and harder. I feel it's been a miracle. I feel like me again."  
 --L.H., Reiki Master

" serious trauma case is very well documented with thorough regular medical monitoring...Yesterday a new set of films was taken showing the tibia to be completely healed and remodeled. I don't know who was more surprised, the surgeon or myself...Subsequent to receiving SHEN my condition has improved dramatically, objectively, and has surpassed all medical expectations and constitutes a well documented and remarkable REVERSAL of a thorough and expert prognosis by an orthopedic surgeon who by all accounts is in the top 1% in the nation...I attribute this renewal and the resulting physical healing to SHEN."
--R.D., doctor (OMD) and martial artist

"The pain in my shoulder is gone, without any manipulation or effort I could see. In all my years, I've never said to anyone what I am going to say to you.  Ayleyaell, you are a miracle worker!"
--Dr. Bob Osborn, D.C. (graduate 1949 Palmer Chiropractic)

"I came to Ayleyaell with fibromyalgia and a host of weaknesses that resulted in a stroke two years ago.  The most disturbing and accelerating of these was an alarming loss of kidney function. I also had numerous problems with my kidneys and ureters; I walked out of a urologist's office after screaming in agony at his exam.  (I was the only woman there in a crowded office.) I passed a kidney stone at home, suffering excruciating pain.  Then, after my stroke, my urinary flow was scant or absent for days at a time.  I had this pattern during my cycle, which would be relieved when my menstrual flow stopped, and I would pass the blocked stream in torrents.  Now, over two years into menopause, the urine had stopped and rarely got released any longer.  I'd been living on cranberry concentrate, cranberry juice, as well as asparagus to encourage the flow, any flow at all.  A Chinese traditional physician said that the weak kidneys were the cause of my stroke.

Ayleyaell made me feel so comfortable and safe that I could go back down the stream of time and find the source of this issue.  She has a very gentle touch, along with a gentle and sincere presence.  I had always known about how I was (inadvertently) neglected in my childhood, but I had never connected with those emotions.

When I was a baby, my mother, enamored of the new technology, bottle-fed me.  She propped me up in a chair, left me with a bottle, and walked away.  My breast-fed sister, who was 18 months older than me, would drain the bottle, a novelty to her, and I was left mysteriously crying with an empty bottle.  What I processed were the emotions of feeling abandoned, hungry, and unwanted.  I felt this keenly in my second chakra, my center of self-esteem, as well as my root.

I decided to work on forgiveness and appreciation in order to more deeply understand and appreciate my mother to release these toxic emotions.  I went back to the feeling I had for my daughter when she was born.   Despite a painful pregnancy and traumatic birth experience, there was a point at which I truly felt the motherly connection.  It was a pure, unconditional, all-encompassing love for my daughter and joy at her choosing me on this earth journey.  I remember blessing her in every possible way and feeling ecstatic at having the honor to be her mother. 

I realized that my mother must have felt this for me, despite making wrong parenting choices.  In other situations in adulthood, she showed me that she loved me.  Yes, she must have felt the mother/daughter bond; that sacred, pure, love of the Creator, of life's longing for itself, a Godly love!  With this realization, and Ayleyaell's encouragement, I sobbed out and released the negative unconscious feelings about myself that had always constricted my kidneys and my bladder, my primary complaint and most likely the root cause of all my health problems.

It took a few weeks for me to process this deep transformation, but now I have completely normal urinary function for the first time ever.  I attribute this healing to this single session with Ayleyaell.  She is an angel on earth.  Amazingly, I didn't have much time that day and had to cut the session short, but nevertheless I had the most powerful healing of my life.   Thank you, Ayleyaell, for giving me back my life." 

-- Beverly Brodsky, Dec 13, 2009,  author, speaker and regional coordinator for International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) 

Bev's NDE:

"I became interested in SHEN after a city bus t-boned my car, smashing in the whole passenger side. My SHEN practitioner came and picked me up from the wreck and brought me straight back to her office for a treatment. During the session I felt all of the trauma from the accident leaving my body and left feeling great with no future repercussions or my personal experience, I have found SHEN to be a powerful tool in alleviating emotional and physical trauma"

--Genevieve, yoga instructor

"I haven't had a good night's sleep since I was seven...Last night I slept 7 hours. I'm so thrilled! I have a sense of well-being now. I don't dread going to bed anymore." 

 --J.E., incest survivor

"I lived with fear my whole life. I didn't think I was ever going to get out of where I was. It's a miracle. Fear doesn't have a hold on me any more. After 56 years, I am finally out of the bunker." 

 --E.S., war survivor

"You gave me a wonderful treatment on Valentine's Day morning.  I wanted to let you know that my vision has improved one whole line on the vision chart without any change in correction to my glasses.  I  am hopeful that I will be able to pass my drivers license in the next six weeks and thank you so much for helping me clear issues that made me fearful of seeing." 
 --J.Gallagher, attorney 
"I walked around my whole life being vigilant, fearing someone would hurt me...I don't have that knot in my stomach any more."
--J.A., social worker

"To sum it up, I am different! I feel more confident, whole...I came here [to a week long SHEN Workshop] with a little heart, the size of a robin's heart, constricted by the scars of my childhood. I leave here with a heart big and strong, the size of an elephant's heart, beating boldly, and filling me with gratitude..."                    

--K.B., psychologist

"I am more centered, balanced, and creative! My neck and back are much freer, dramatically so, my scoliosis has improved, and my students are commenting that there is something different about my presence. Ayleyaell got my juices flowing."
--Rosann Shensa, 92 years young Chi Gung teacher

"I am a spiritual healer who has experienced the extremes of being totally immersed in the physical world as a business executive, and for the past 10 years, the spiritual.  I am currently settling into the balance between the two and learning to stay grounded in my body...  Ayleyaell's session made that a lot easier. As soon as her hands touched me I could feel myself relaxing. Her energy helped my body expand enough to allow the release of some old trauma and trapped emotional energy in my low back and hips and knee.  When she worked on my shoulder that has been injured for years, I saw a rod being dissolved and released.  The shoulder is much more relaxed and pain free even days later.  I am looking forward to my next session with her!   I was intuitively guided to Ayleyaell and am now enthusiastic about her work. Feel free to use my full name and list my website please."
--Eileen Silon, Spiritual Healer, Intuitive and Teacher

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